Those Scaley Bastards: A final thank you to the community.

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Those Scaley Bastards: A final thank you to the community.

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I've always been known as an engine creator. I'm proud to say I have one more trick left up my sleeve. Something that has never been done in zzt, or really outside of it. Something I'm quite proud of actually.

I started working on it a long time ago and think I might have enough energy in these old bones to polish it up.

It's a puzzle sim. And yes, this is going to sound impossible in ZZT but I assure you it works and I have a working model. Think of an RPG with towns and dungeons. Each town/area has a puzzle grid (There are buildings etc in the city to interact with people but each area is linked to a puzzle board.) The puzzle board would be best described as a harvest moon-esque canvas. Where you can place different items wherever you want them to go. So for example one item is a tree seed. With proper care it will become a tree.

Now what each puzzle board has in common is it has an egg (or eggs) that must be nurtured. With time and care eggs create dragons. More than one type of Dragon can come from any given egg. Each Dragon type has an aura you can infuse yourself with. Each area has a story and a problem that can be solved with specific dragon auras. So the point of the game is to nurture a set of dragons that can be infused into the player to help rid the town of the trouble it's facing.

SO you may ask how does it all link? Simple. It's a puzzle game. As I mentioned there is a puzzle grid. You have a specific amount of different types of items to place. So for example say on one board you have two eggs. a tree seed, a drop of water, and a spark.

Say this puzzle board is in a town that has multiple problems. Two of them being a potential dam breaking and an overgrowth of forest that disallows further city growth.

Okay.. say there are two types of dragons you can create. A Blue Dragon and a Red Dragon. Red Dragons Deal in Fire, and Blue in water. Fire can destroy the overgrowth and water can help redirect the river. The formula for growing a Red Dragon is a Wood Aura plus a Fire aura. The formula for a Blue Dragon is a Water Aura and a Wood Aura.

So on the grid, the tree creates a wood aura length of four in each direction, and same for the other things in their respective fields.

So being a simple example the obvious way to cultivate a Blue and a Red dragon would be to plant the tree seed in a way that hits both eggs while placing the pond and the spark in a way that only hits one egg each. And viola, in a few days you will have a blue and a red dragon ready to infuse yourself with and the power to solve the problems in said town. Which will in turn open gates to other areas. A very simple example (The grids will obviously have unusable blocks, different things that affect auras, etc.)

Sound complicated? I already have a working model. There is also a sense of RPG in it, that you can actually cultivate a Player in specific ways. IE do side quests to increase the aura of water, while lowering the aura of fire, etc. So that will all come into play.

SO Being that this is my last gift to the community I hope to finish it quick. Simple Graphics.. and story wise, I want to give it a bit of nostalgia and personal feeling. So what I ask of you is if you want to be involved.. Please post what name you want your character to be called and his aura of strength and his aura of weakness. The auras are as follows:

and Null

And the only thing I ask is keep it different. If someone posts a water strength and fire weakness, please don't post that same build. I want unique characters that react uniquely based on what the player is currently infused with.

Feel free to post what sort of job your character has (Think medieval, and be as zany as you want. Town Drunk, City Whore, etc.)

And their basic personality. So game on!

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I'm the Gambler strong in null, weak to wood.

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I can be a Clueless Philosopher if that works in context. Weak - null, strong - light.

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I'm Mentally Insane, strong to Clueless Philosophers, weak to anything/anyone else

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I am the illiterate author who is strong in wind, but weak to shadow.

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i'm nuero

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i'm Rickroll Retro
he looked upon the world and saw it was still depraved :fvkk:

Overall: Rotton egg for breakfast

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I'll be a professional mercanary and a fool, strong with using fire and weak with using shadow, or strong against light and weak against water if that's what you were asking. The game sounds neat, are you still working on it?

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