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2007-02-05 — Results out!

The results of the contest are now available. Congratulations to gingermuffins, for his winning game Secret Raid at BB's, with a perfect score of 10! One of the judges, Oof, did not return his scores in time, so only the scores submitted by Quantum P. and MadTom have been averaged.

All the games will remain hosted on the submissions page. Thanks very much to everyone who participated!

2007-01-16 — CONTEST CLOSES.

With 13 entries, all of which look valid! Thank you very much for making this such a successful contest.

2007-01-13 — CONTEST BEGINS. One entrant withdraws, four entrants added.

The first Weekend of ZZT contest for 2007 has begun. Your topic is CRIME.

I will be online as MadTom on #rawr ( and #mzx (, and BlessThyFiveWits on AIM for much of the contest if you have any questions. If I am not available, you may prefer to e-mail me at madutomu aht gmail dawt com.

Some useful links:

Please do not submit your entries by e-mail. You must use the submissions page linked above.

You have 72 hours. Go!

Jazzy, Shadow Mage, Benco, and kev-san have joined the contest. My Liver Hurtz has withdrawn.

2007-01-12 — New entrants added; contest in 20 hours!

Farm and Zagooky have joined the contest.

Has everyone checked what time the contest begins in their particular time zone? Use the timezone converter to be sure!

2007-01-11 — New entrant added; contest tomorrow!

Lancer-X has joined the contest.

Everyone ready?

2007-01-09 — New entrant added

Dron has joined the contest.

2007-01-08 — New entrant added

Zandor 12 has joined the contest.

Four days to go! Make sure you check what time the contest starts for your particular time zone.

2007-01-06 — New entrant added

Jur has joined the contest.

2007-01-05 — New entrants added

Appliance and (Com)buster have joined the contest.

2007-01-03 — New entrants added

Snorb has joined the contest.

2007-01-02 — New entrants added

Happy new year! Only ten days until the contest begins!

Stargazer and zamros have joined the contest.

2006-12-26 — New entrants added

Kjorteo and Nixon have joined the contest.

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

2006-12-24 — New entrants added, topic selected

lemmer, mono, and Master Raze have joined the contest.

I've selected the topic for the contest. It'll be announced on this page, in my LiveJournal, on the Z2 frontpage and the forum thread, and on #rawr, so you'd have to be pretty dim to miss it.

2006-12-23 — New entrants added, contest dates

BoonoB, bustaballs, Dr. Dos, eRN56, Fungahhh, gingermuffins, Homz, My Liver Hurtz, Quindo and VinceP have joined the contest. Oof and Quantum P. have both been confirmed as judges.

More than one person has missed the dates for the contest which are given in the header above, just underneath the title. See them now? The contest takes place between January 12th 5pm EST — January 15th 5pm EST, which is exactly 72 hours.

2006-12-22 — Site uploaded

The Weekend of ZZT website is uploaded and ready for use. Take a look around with the tabs underneath the heading. And, of course, sign up!