DS Gamemaker

..................WTF?! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IS "XRUMER"?!

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DS Gamemaker

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Damn if he may had changed his mind about the half price on the 22nd or something.

I don't know when I've registered my copy of this bugger, but much have yet to be seen of it's capabilities. Meaning, just like the original gamemaker when it came out, it's pretty barren. Don't know if y'all guys could check it out y'all selfs, but it's a pain getting it installed.

It does come to question can zzt can be rescripted onto this bad boy. ZZO38 won't be able to continue with it from what I heard personally. So I'll push the idea out.

It gonna be a loooong time to check this out myself. Did and compile some examples and games other made, but have not the time to sit and learn how to use the darn thing. Works so far, but like the new DSi, it may take some time.
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