FAQ, and what to ask whom.

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FAQ, and what to ask whom.

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There have been a few cases of confusion as to who is capable of doing what, with some recent staff revisions. If you are keen to keep up-to-date on the staff, watch this post carefully.

The following are lists of common complaints, what to do, and to whom to talk (if necessary). If you have suggestions about things to add to this list, please let us know!

"I have a great idea you might like."
Contact Quantum P., who if he likes it will bring it to the attention of the other staff. If you'd like to share it with the rest of Z2, there's also the Suggestions forum.

"The fora are not working for me."
Check the main page in case your problem is already recognised, first. Your best bet then is to contact Quantum P., who knows the inner workings of the fora better than anyone else. Give him your username, full details of the error message, and what you were trying to do when the error occurred.

"Where is (game x)?"
Check with oldbie administrators like Dr. Dos and Zenith Nadir. If it really isn't to be found anywhere, post on the Missing in Action thread in ZZT General. It's more than likely some oldbie packrat will still have it.

"We haven't had a game upload in a while."
Games don't get uploaded very often these days, simply because there's not a lot to upload. We always get around to it in the end, but if you're really keen to see something uploaded you could politely contact an administrator.

"I get a PHP critical error upon visiting the site."
It's something wrong with Belsambar. You'll just have to wait it out.

"Can I change my username without asking the staff to do it?"
Click here.

"How do I change my member rank?"
Click here.

"I am being repeatedly bullied by a fellow user."
Contact an administrator.

"I am being repeatedly bullied by an administrator."
Contact Dr. Dos.

"I am being repeatedly bullied by Dr. Dos."
<s>Woe is you.</s> Contact Quantum P.

"I am being repeatedly bullied by Quantum P."
No you're not.

"Can I be a staff member?"

"Where is the Game of the Month these days?"
Dead and buried. There are Featured Games now, instead.

"I want to post about my game, but you folk don't seem to like that much."
Not all of us! That's why the ZZT Projects forum was created. You can brag all you want in there, including posting screenshots, code, etc.
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