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Last Call Productions

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Company title page -

Officially announcing the formation of Last Call Productions.

LCP has two goals.

#1 is the completion and production of "Seasons", best described as equal parts puzzle, playable thank-you letter, and tribute to a wonderful community.

#2 is to leave a fair and balanced review of one ZZT game per week, prioritizing those which currently have none. I feel that every world sent out to the public deserves to have a minute in the spotlight, or at the very least, deserves its merits and/or demerits described so that the passer-by can better determine "is this worth my time?"

Current Staff: Me
Contact information: TBD; I'm setting up a new email and phone number

LCP is not only hiring, we (I) are willing to pay a small amount for assistance in completing "Seasons". That's right. You could get paid for making a ZZT game - imagine that!

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