ClassicZoo - improved ZZT 3.2 experience

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ClassicZoo - improved ZZT 3.2 experience

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Hey. I've been working on a fork of ZZT for the past year or so. It was initially meant to be a side project before my C/C++ rewrites were complete, but kind of became a thing of its own. Its goal is to improve the ZZT experience while sticking close to the original engine's feel and keeping full compatibility - essentially, being a drop-in replacement. (Though I know I won't convince ZZT 3.2 purists! That's fine.)

Major features include:
  • EMS/XMS extended memory support - allows worlds of effectively any size within specification, and makes existing near-limit worlds run more reliably on real hardware.
  • Increasing the board limit from 20000 to 65500 bytes.
  • Major CPU and memory usage optimizations.
  • Major editor enhancements: syntax highlighting, OOP import/export, STK color and element support, multiple patterns, block and OOP copy/paste, bugfixes
  • Fixes for crash/hang engine bugs, while keeping compatibility.
  • Subdirectory support in the file browser.
  • NEC PC-9801 port.
Of particular interest to ZZT 3.2 developers might be the ?DCOMPAT feature - it tries to detect and warn the developer about features which crash (f.e. #BECOME in scroll) or are unreliable (f.e. double #BIND) in vanilla ZZT 3.2.

You can learn more and download it here.

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