How have you guys been doing over the past two years or so?

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How have you guys been doing over the past two years or so?

Post by Ando »

You know, since roughly the beginning of you-know-what? I like to call them the "Endtimes", but that might be a slight hyperbole.

I personally don't know what to make of it. I don't know where we are headed, or if it will either be better, or worse, than what we have right now. And what we have right now, sucks.

In any case, I've been working on my passion, which is cartomancy. It is pretty fun.

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Re: How have you guys been doing over the past two years or so?

Post by Dark-Star2018 »

Weathered it surprisingly well. :keen: Scored a work-at-home job and found out we are getting the baby that doctors always told my wife she would never have.

Preparing to retire from gaming as a whole for ~20 years. I will dearly miss the communities - the jokes, the memes, the "VICTORY!" moments and everything. I'm keeping involved in a handful: ZZT, System Shock, Drop-shock and Space Station 13.

Trying to see if there's enough talent to sponsor my game/love note to ZZT, "Seasons"

My remaining two grandparents are hanging on to see the great-grandchild and, sadly, will probably not last past next Christmas.

Studying my damn brains out for some professional IT certifications.

And I'm in the process of a major physical and mental house-cleaning. A lot of different tokens of the past from old notes passed in class to rarely-used gizmos are getting photographed/scanned for a "life archive" and finally discarded, some after over 20 years. Writing down and recording various things I still remember before they all get scrubbed by my subconscious to make room for being a dad and lost forever. I've rediscovered a lot of stuff Ithought I lost/forgot in the process...and am also doing a lot of contemplating over the 30 years I've had so far.

One thing is for sure: I'm happy that my journey with ZZT started a quarter of a century ago, on my grandmother's ancient black-and-white IBM.

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