There is a band named ZZT

..................WTF?! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IS "XRUMER"?!

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There is a band named ZZT

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...and its style is all beeps and clicks, just like ZZT!

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Re: There is a band named ZZT

Post by Commodore »

Fun fact, or not, from me being Commodore adjacent, but one half of that duo, Zombie Nation, was sued by David Whitaker for ripping off his tune from a C64 game. Kernkraft is probably the most popular song of ZNs career, getting regular play in sports stadiums.

Slight bit of irony that the original tune was also likely lifted, and there is a lot of precedent for that with old VG music. Vangelis, John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, and similar prog/synth stuff can be found all over.

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