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Staff listings.

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Read the rules first, then this.

It's probably worthwhile to make it clear who's staffing the site at this point, so that you know who's capable of hurting you for being dumb, and who isn't. The system, and indeed, the staff itself, remains largely unchanged, although there are a few new acquisitions.

People often change their names and sometimes their avatars around here as a joke. I've given permanent links to people's profiles if you want to keep track; their member numbers don't change unless they actually start new accounts (e.g. zamros).

:learn: Admins > Mods > Special People > Users > Banned

The Big Boss, as most of you will now be well aware, is Quantum P.

Dr. Dos, Fungahhh, MadTom, Quantum P., Zenith Nadir

Admins can do just about anything. Most, if not all of them, have FTP and SQL access, in addition to access to the admin panel, which allows banning, word censors, the removal and addition of entire fora, and deleting users, among other things. They are also capable of stepping into the shoes of a moderator, locking and moving threads between fora.

This isn't a comprehensive list of admins, but the above five are the most active, and hence the most likely to catch you being a dickhead and kill you in the face (or, in Quantum's case, give you a fatherly reprimand).

For a list of moderators, take a look at the names under the forum headings in the fora index. These positions change quite frequently.

A moderator usually calls one forum home, and has the power to lock, unlock, edit, move, and otherwise manipulate threads within it. They can not exercise bans, but they will bring troublemakers to the attention of administrators, so be polite to them! Most of them can read the staff forum.

Special People
The list of people varies considerably.

From time to time, a user is given access to the staff forum to participate in our <s>furpiles</s> TOP SECRET DISCUSSIONS. The administrators allow and disallow said access at their own discretion.

You, and about a hundred other jerks.

That's you! Follow the rules, and you'll do splendidly. Prove to us that you're not an idiot, and you might just do even better.

D'arbyJ, Guy, piroteckkie, Sam Vinci, Travis Rezka, Tyrannous

Although newbies posting a cheerful greeting may be alarmed at being greeted by the immediate clamouring for a ban, we are actually a fairly tolerant lot, much to Flimsy Parkins' chagrin. What that means is that if you get banned, you are annoying - or even worse - not funny.

We don't take ourselves very seriously around here. At all. Just look at our emoticons. However, if we genuinely find you're ruining our fun by being a dick, you will be banned and we'll never give you another thought. As a newbie, you start out as a prime suspect for retardedry. It's kind of like a brutal meritocracy of awesome. Respect is earned!

With that said, enjoy your time on the Z2 fora!

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