"Seasons" - a game I'm willing to sponsor

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"Seasons" - a game I'm willing to sponsor

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I've had an idea for a new ZZT game bouncing around in my head for quite some time :rocket: , even storyboarded it a bit, but professional studies are eating all my scant spare time and a new baby coming soon is going to mean no spare time for about the next ~2 decades.

As a good few games are now it's equal parts game, a love letter to the ZZT community and a bit of philosophical musing. I don't expect it to be the next Code Red. But I really want to make my little footprint.

The working title is "Seasons", with gameplay split into four chapters with various kinds of puzzles that had themes relating to real life - ie; a dark room and limited torches where the goal is to find the right answer to a (very simple) algebra problem, a time-limited board with the player frantically racing through crowded hallways. Some of these would be taken from my real-life experience, such as using ZZT assets (like bombs) to try and make a derelict car explode. Puzzles would start at very simple and get more complex toward the end. Original boards would be interspersed with famous quotes from the ZZT community and/or single boards from various other games providing anything from comic relief to some arcade action.

At the second-to-last board in the "Winter" chapter there would be a branching choice offered to the player affecting a brief cinematic finale.

This isn't just a giant wish out in the dark. I'm willing to pay a small amount either directly to people with enough ZZT and STK experience to make this dream come true, or donate it directly to keep zzt.org running. This is gonna be my hat-tip out the door to one of the most whacky, creative fandoms I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. So I want it to be actually completed, and I want it to be decent.

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