Kongregate shutting down huge parts of website on July 22

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Kongregate shutting down huge parts of website on July 22

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I imagine that most ZZT'ers also are fond of Flash games, the ones we all loved to sneak a play at in class when teacher's back was turned. One of the biggest websites for them, sadly, is cutting massive parts of their website in a couple weeks. That includes nearly all of the chats for a particular game. They've also cut off new game submissions as of right now.

So if you folks have or had a favorite on that site or some old friends, right now is the time to say thank yo u to the devs or exchange emails. I know I'll be stopping by to lay a digital wreath or two.

https://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kon ... nouncement

"As most of you know, Kongregate.com was first created in 2006. The gaming industry has changed a lot since then!

During the intervening years, Kongregate as a company has grown and adjusted with those industry-wide changes. Today our business is largely focused on developing games and flash, as you are aware, is slowly going away. That means that Kongregate.com will need to evolve as well.

We will be rolling out several changes to the website over the coming days and months, the first of which is that we will no longer be accepting new titles on Kongregate.com as of today. We also will not be adding any more badges to games. You will still be able to play our existing library of over 128,000 amazing games and developers will be able to update their games as normal.

In addition, we will be disabling a number of Kongregate.com’s social features later this month and in the future. We know that this change will be frustrating to many of you, but we wanted to give you a chance to plan for it, so you don’t lose contact with the many friends you’ve made on Kongregate.com over the years.

For those who crave all the details, the following changes will happen on or around July 22:

Chat rooms not associated with a particular game, including Badge-of-the-day chat rooms, will be closing.
Many game-specific chat rooms will no longer be available, but some games (roughly 20) will continue to have chat.
Certain non-gaming forums (Off Topic, Serious Discussion, The Arts, and Forum Games) will be removed from the site.
Most other forums will be moved to a read-only state in which administrators can make announcements but players will not be able to post. This will not affect the forums for Animation Throwdown, Bit Heroes and other Kongregate-created games.
Individuals wishing to create a new account will be required to verify their email address.

Please be aware that as part of our focus on developing games, we will have fewer resources to support Kongregate.com. That said, our support team will do their best to help players experiencing in-game issues.

We thank yo u for your continued support as we take this next step into our future.( :rolleyes: )"
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