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The setting: zzt.org message boards.

The feud: A 5+ page long thread of an argument between ZZTude and some jerk named Icaeres that began with ZZTude criticizing certain games including Icaeres's game Bomb Squad for being indecent.

ZZTude said Icaeres sucked at ZZT.

Icaeres said ZZTude sucked at ZZT.

Icaeres challenged ZZTude to the upcoming 24hoZZT competition to see who sucked less. The person whose game scored lowest would have to leave the community forever.

ZZTude accepted in dramatic fashion.

Why is it significant?


Apparently Icaeres was so lame he thought creating another person to upstage would gain him respect and get his game some publicity. Unfortunately, the posts of exchanges between the two were about 4 or 5 minutes apart, and FROM THE SAME IP ADDRESS.

Their hoodwink was exposed, and neither of him showed either face ever again.

In ZZTude's own words, the whole thing was "PATHETIC!!@"

Something else that's pathetic: ZZTude appears to have been roused from his slumber deep beneath the ocean, and now keeps coming to ZUltimate to vandalise nodes because this one says he sucks. What a hero! (this happened a while ago during 2006, but is still relevant)

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