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ZUltimate is the ultimate ZZT resource. We aim to provide an entire library of information pertaining to ZZT and everyone and everything about it. However, in order to reach this goal, we need your help. There are many ways to support ZUltimate; this page describes a few and provides guidelines that can help you to make ZUltimate a better place for everyone.

Getting started

Before you can post on ZU, you need to register. When you register, you gain the ability to edit just about any page on ZUltimate as well as access to your own user page and preferences list.

Providing information

You can help out in many ways. The first and most important way you can help is providing information to ZUltimate.

This can be done by:

  • Browsing ZUltimate and finding a place where information is missing, and filling it in;
  • Searching the website to see if an article exists, and creating a new one if it doesn't; or
  • Answering a request on the Requested articles page.

When you browse, all you have to do is look for links that are colored red. When you see one of these links, and you know anything at all about what the link's article was supposed to be about, click the link! This will take you to the edit page of a new article.

When you write your article, remember that it doesn't need to be perfect. You can have mistakes of any kind here, be it factual, grammatical, or having to do with the Wiki markup. All we ask is that you provide information. Someone else can take it from there and make it a good-looking, easy-to-read article.

Also remember that anything helps. If you've heard of an obscure ZZT game named DinoPlaster and know nothing else about it, by all means, create a new article! After all, you know that DinoPlaster is a almost-unheard-of ZZT game. Even posting that little in an article helps us out tremendously.

If you are looking for ideas on what to post on ZUltimate, we have just the page for you. It's called the Requested articles page. Just browse through the lower section until you find something you can write about. If the link is blue, meaning the article exists, click it anyway and see if there's something you can add to the page.


If you know of a ZZT game that isn't in this library, feel free to add it. First, visit the Template:Game template and copy the code. Then, create a new article titled after the game. Paste the code into the edit window and modify it until it matches the game description.

Once you've got that all taken care of, the next three things you can add are:

  • Description
  • Review links
  • Screenshots

The description is a short paragraph that describes the game's beginning, and possibly the plot leading up to the beginning of the game. The goal here is to make the topic of the game evident without giving the entire thing away. Think of what you might see on the back of the box of a video game you'd find at the store.

The description is not a review! You should try to make it as neutral as possible. This means excluding words like "awesome", "fun", "best", "awful", and so on. The reason for this is that several different reviews may have been written for a particular game. Reviews should be put on separate pages; see the below section for more information.

If there are reviews for a certain game, you can add a review links section. Just create a new header named "Reviews", and underneath that, put links to all existing reviews in list form.

If you have screenshots of the game, please share them! To do this, just upload your image(s) and link to them underneath a new header named "Screenshots". You can do this by typing:


You're done! Remember, if you don't have any reviews, screenshots, or even a good description, you can still post a game article. Doing so will bring it to attention, and others can get around to adding all that other good stuff. Anything helps!

If you need a good example of a game article, visit the page for Frost.

Game reviews

If you have a game review you want documented on ZUltimate, by all means, we want it! All you need to do is:

  1. Make a new article titled "Game (Review by Author)", replacing "Game" with the title of the game and "Author" with the name of the review's author.
  2. Include the following at the top of the edit box: {Game-review}
  3. Write or paste your review below that!

After you've saved your page, you may want to add a link to your review from the game article page. To do this, visit the game's original article, find the Reviews section, and add another list entry with a link to your review. If the section does not exist, create a new header called "Reviews" below the game description and above the screenshots. Then, add your link as the first list entry. That's it!

Personal pages

Everyone on ZUltimate who has registered has a User page. To access your user page, make sure you're logged in, and then click your user name at the top right corner. (Note: If you're using a different skin as specified in your preferences, this may be different.) You can edit it from there. You have every right to put whatever you want on your user page; just know that anyone can edit it at any time, just like any other Wiki page.

If you're a member of the ZZT community, you are encouraged to make a biography page. To do this, search for your online nickname in the search bar. If nothing shows up, do the following:

  1. Open the Template for creating ZZTer biography pages. (You may wish to do this in a new browser window.)
  2. Click the Edit link. In the normal skin, it's the Edit tab at the top of the article.
  3. Select all of the text in the textbox, and copy it to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl-C (or Apple-C, if you're using an Apple computer).
  4. Locate the search bar and type in your online nickname.
    • Chances are someone hasn't made a page for you already, so it will inform you that the page with the exact title could not be found. There's a link where it says "that exact title". Clicking this link will send you straight to the Edit page.
    • If someone has already created an article for you, no big deal. Click the link to your article and hit its Edit link.
  5. Once you're in your article's Edit page, paste the text you copied from the template.
  6. Once it's pasted, go in and edit the appropriate places so that it correctly represents you.
  7. When you're done, hit the Save page button.

Adding comments to biography pages

If you know someone else in the ZZT community, you may visit their biography page and add a comment. At their biography page, hit the Edit link at the top, scroll down to the end of the markup, press Return two times, and type away.

When you're done, be sure to sign your comment. A proper signature consists of the following:

--[[User:Username|Username]] 12:34, 5 June 2007 (Eastern Standard Time)

You can have ZU add the signature automatically by simply typing --~~~~ where you want the signature to appear. Please try not to edit the comments or signatures of other people on biography pages.

Cleaning up

You can also clean up ZUltimate. As one might expect, a library of user-contributed information can get quite messy. You can clean the articles on this site up as you wish (though major changes should probably be discussed first). If you make a mistake or do something wrong, it can always be reverted!


This is the obvious one. If you're a good writer, you're encouraged to proofread articles to make them easier to read. You can clear up spelling errors, reword parts of the article, remove bias, clarify, shorten, friendlify - anything you can do to make it sound good in English.


If you're good at Wiki markup, you're wanted. You'll notice that one of the things to remember about providing information in ZUltimate is that it doesn't need to be perfect. Thus, there will be a few articles that need to be formatted using Wiki markup until they are organized well enough for easy reading and navigation.

One common error ZUltimate contributors make has to do with correctly linking IRC channels. Oftentimes they will link the pound (#) sign in with the name of the channel. This does not correctly link to the article concerning the IRC channel, but attempts to find a section on the page they're currently visiting. To fix that problem, you can reword it to the following:


Alternatively, it's safe to do something like this:



Putting pages into categories helps sort the vast amount of information in the database. It's easy to put an article into a category. All you need to do is create a link at the bottom that starts with "Category:". After the colon, type the name of the category of your choice. It should look something like this:


You can use an existing category or create a new one. To create a new category, all you have to do is type its name in the link. It will be created automatically. Likewise, if all links to a certain category are removed, the category will be deleted.

It is always a good idea to check Special:Categories to see if a relevant category exists before you create a new one. Also, if you think it's necessary to create a category, try to make its name plural. For instance, "ZZT Games" sounds a little better than "ZZT Game".


Sometimes people will type a certain name into the search field or the address bar of their web browser in hopes of finding an article that pertains to what they were looking for. More than likely they will miss the capitalization of the article, or a certain punctuation mark, or do something else to land them at a blank page.

We can solve this by creating redirect pages. A redirect page is an article whose code consists of nothing but the following:

#REDIRECT [[Link]]

The word "Link", of course, is replaced by the relevant article.

You can browse through Special:Allpages to find duplicate articles with slightly different titles. Note that some of these duplicates will be redirect pages already. If you find two genuine duplicates, you should take the worse of the two and convert it into a redirect page pointing to the better article.