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About the website

ZU's birth was December 4th, 2005 at roughly 12:40 PM.

Created by Moonpie with extreme inspiration from Nadir, FSFunky, Eurakarte, Ando, and many others, it was hosted off of his home server on his Comcast cable connection. About a month after its birth, ZUltimate went down. Arrangements were made to transfer ZUltimate to Burstroc's hosting plan. A bit later, it was found that the entire problem was Moonpie's IP had changed. However, everything was already underway, and Burstroc's hosting plan was a lot more durable, so the transfer was completed as planned. Unfortunately durability has no bearing on whiny bitches, and burstroc eventually and unceremoniously deleted both ircman and ZUltimate after some IRC drama or other. The database was procured by MadTom and moved to z2, where both sites now reside.

ZUltimate is currently hosted on Belsambar.net, which is a managed account on DreamHost.

Our goal

The goal of ZUltimate is to provide the ultimate ZZT resource. There are many facets to this goal, but we'll get them all in good time.

Ideally, ZUltimate should be a place where someone can look up a person, game, company, or other subject having to do with ZZT, and get the information they need.

The admin team

Your admins are:

If you have questions about ZUltimate, the fastest way to contact an admin is by hitting the "talk" link by their name and leaving a note on that page. You might also want to check the ZU:Posting guidelines page to see if your question has already been answered.