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z2 is the current central ZZT website. Although the site is built around the largest ZZT game archive, on a day-to-day basis there is far more action on the infamous z2 fora. z2 also contains some tutorials and miscellaneous documentation, but these sections are updated infrequently.

History of z2

When zzt.org shut down, Fishfood, CraNKGod, and Zanno got together to put together another ZZT archive; the result, of course, was z2. The site began with no head admin; on the Interactive Fantasies page, Hercules quoted Fishfood as saying, "WE ARE ALL EQUAL. CRANKGOD DOES NOT OWN THE SITE AND NEITHER DO I." [1] However, CraNKGod emerged as a leader and later gave head admin status to Mooseka. Dr. Dos was the next head admin, followed by Quantum P.

Life on z2 has not been a bed of roses. Authors such as Knightt removed their works from the z2 archives for reasons relating to community politics. Alternative ZZT archives, notably O-space, ZZTPlanet, and ZZT3, were created in an attempt to draw visitors away from z2. Nothing much became of these other archives, but they did create some worry for the z2 staff. Those not politically in favor with z2 often used these alternative archives, but these sites did not get much other business and eventually died out.

More recent problems have been caused by technical problems, not politics. Near the end of 2004, the archived ZZT games disappeared, although most of them were quickly restored. Later on, z2 itself went down for a couple of weeks; it came back online mid-January 2005, but issues with the site continued with more periods of temporary downtime. Although the site regained some stability, the z2 fora remained in a partially broken state for some time. In an attempt to fix the fora, plans were made to replace the phpBB system with a homegrown software package, Z2BB.

In March 2006, HOTU lost claim to their domain name, making z2 all but unreachable by the masses. The staff took action by purchasing webspace from Insidious, and z2 migrated from the Underdogs server to their new home at Belsambar. This had two happy side effects: not only did the hosting improve, but the problems with the fora disappeared as well, eliminating the need for Z2BB.

In an almost cyclical manner z2 has "returned" to the domain zzt.org.

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