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The Weekend of ZZT is a ZZT game authoring competition begun in 2004, allowing 72 hours for the production of a game centering around a given topic, and the effective replacement of the 24 Hours of ZZT contest.


The original idea for the Weekend of ZZT contest is attributed to Mooseka, although ZzCrook (then known as Rayne) was another architect of the project. It is remembered as one of his more astute actions during his tenure as head honcho of the ZZT community. It was primarily intended as an answer to the problem of flagging attendance and interest in the 24 Hours of ZZT contest.

The Weekend of ZZT's secondary purpose was to patch up the community rift between what were then the two active ZZT archives - z2 and Zeuxworld. Because the userbase of the latter generally intermingled with what are now the present-day MZXers, and because of the increasing vilification of Zeuxworld co-founder Nanobot, there was already a great deal of tension between the two sites. Mooseka devised the contest to share judging evenly between senior users of both sites.

The first contest was held in mid-2004. The classic 24HoZZT rules were revised to extend it over the duration of a weekend and a day, allowing a total of 72 hours for submissions. This had the helpful effect of enabling the aging and increasingly busy ZZT community to allocate time more flexibly for the design of their entries. It also had a significant positive effect on the quality of releases. Overall, the contest was a resounding success, and is probably the best example of unity in the ZZT community since 2002, with the possible exception of the Ando is Autistic thread.

Unfortunately, with the death of Zeuxworld and the rift between modern-day ZZTers and MZXers still widening as the communities age - ZZTers becoming more apathetic and druggy and MZXers more uptight and prissy - much of the political good accomplished by the Weekend of ZZT has long since been undone. It remains, however, the effective replacement of the 24HoZZT contest.

Current Status

To date, there have been a total of six Weekend of ZZT contests.

Start date Topic Host Other judges Winner Game
Feb 07 2004 Sacrifice Mooseka Nanobot
Zenith Nadir
MadTom Ara
Nov 12 2004 Authority, Yourself MadTom  ? Kjorteo 1 Colosseum: The ZZT Game
Sep 30 2005 Exception, Fascism Ando  ? Kjorteo Ninja Games
Jan 06 2006 Religion, Revenge, Fanfiction Kjorteo Zenith Nadir
Flimsy Parkins2
Quantum P. Commando Exorcist
May 12 2006 Mystery, Automation, Swiss Cheese Quantum P. Zenith Nadir
graa3 It Came from Switzerland!
Jan 12 2007 Crime MadTom Quantum P.
 ?  ?

1 Conceded hosting rights to MadTom, who allowed Ando to host on request.
2 After submitting outrageous scores, it was ruled that Flimsy failed to take his role as a judge seriously, and only the scores of Kjorteo and Zenith Nadir were actually counted.
3 Conceded hosting rights to MadTom.

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