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Wasteland's title screen.
Author Commodore
Company Mirror Image Games
Release Date December 9th, 2003
Genre Action/Adventure

Wasteland is an award-winning ZZT game by Commodore. It was initially intended as an entry for a 24 Hours of ZZT competition, but Commodore ran out of time. The game is based in part on an old Apple/Commodore 64/DOS RPG of the same name. It goes so far as to even quote the story from the original documentation.

The gameplay is divided up into three parts. First is the world map where water is consumed each step and needs to be bought in locations. Second is the standard ZZT overhead view used when exploring places reached on the world map. Third is the fight scene where weapons purchased in towns can be switched to and used. The game features several quests, some of which are not necessary but help build funds for finishing the game.

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