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Here's how this is going to work now that I understand templates for real. Copy the text within the dotted lines. Copy and paste that into your personal profile/article and fill out the empty fields. Poof! You're done. You can also include an article outside the boundaries of this template. For your picture, use the code [[Image:IMAGENAME.jpg|center|200 px|DESCRIPTION]].

--Dave2 19:01, 6 December 2005 (Pacific Standard Time)

{{Person| handle = Your Internet Handle
|image = [[Image:IMAGENAME.jpg|center|200 px|DESCRIPTION]]
|name = Your real name
|born = Your birthdate
|joined = The date you joined the ZZT/MZX community
|location = Your location
|hobbies = Hobbies
|find = How you found ZZT/MZX
|owngames = Games you've made
|favezzt = your favourite ZZT/MZX games
|favegames = favourite games
|favemusic = Favourite music
|memories = Community Memories
|links = any extra links


Name {{{name}}}
Born {{{born}}}
Joined Community {{{joined}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Hobbies {{{hobbies}}}
How did you find ZZT/MZX? {{{find}}}
Notable Games {{{owngames}}}
Favourite ZZT/MZX Games {{{favezzt}}}
Favourite Games {{{favegames}}}
Favourite Bands {{{favemusic}}}
Community Memories {{{memories}}}
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