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<gofer-chan> link to crankweb plz
<nondescript> crankweb is GONE
<Nadir> it went long ago
<Nadir> i think it was because someone uploaded porn then posted on ircman about it
<nondescript> nadir yes
<gofer-chan> oops

Crankweb was a popular filepool among ZZTers and others created by craNKGod. It went through various iterations before "permanently" closing due to the fact that there was a lot of pictures of Laura sucking drac0's dick uploaded to it by somebody who was probably gofer-chan after crank said we shouldn't do that anymore. After that, nobody could get files to anybody else anymore because one person's DCC was broken and the other person shat their pants if you tried sending stuff via AIM and the other guy didn't want to log in to his hotmail account and probably forgot the password anyway. We use gbelo-bot now, instead.