1. You have no more than 72 hours. Late entries will be disqualified.
    There is no grace period for the contest. Smart entrants will plan to submit at least an hour early. You must submit using this site's submission page, and follow the instructions carefully.
  2. Your game must follow the topic.
    Submitted games must be built around some sensible, pervading interpretation of the topic given by the host at the start of the contest. You will lose points if you just include the word in capital letters every now and then in your dialogue.
  3. Use of external ZZT editors is not only allowed, it's recommended.
    Many ZZTers use the modern editors KevEdit or ZZTAE. They are designed simply to make ZZT editing less tedious and use fewer workarounds. Because time is limited, allowing their use means we get better games to play. In fact, you can use any program or script you like to generate or edit content for the game, but be sure to credit the authors of any applications you use.
  4. All actual game content must be original, made within the proscribed time.
    That said, you may not directly copy substantial portions of anybody else's writing, music, code, or graphics. Similarly, you may not directly include in your game any content that you designed before the contest start time.
  5. You may not work in teams.
    This follows from the previous rule. All work must be your own. We make one exception – you may send your entry to one friend for beta testing to detect errors and bugs before you submit it. You must credit this person with any changes you make based on his or her suggestions. Evidence of any other outside contribution may disqualify you.
  6. Your game must work in ZZT 3.2.
    ZZT 3.2, The Original ZZT, is the version of the ZZT executable that most people use. It is in ZZT 3.2 that your game will be tested. You may, of course, use any other patched ZZT executable for editing, such as WiL's ZZT 4.0, but if there are problems playing it in 3.2, you will lose points or be disqualified.