The Weekend of ZZT is a contest run by community members of Z2 to make a complete playable computer game in the 1991 DOS game creation engine ZZT within a period of three days. This contest replaces the classic 24 Hours of ZZT, and was introduced by Mooseka of Z2 and ZZCrook of the now defunct Zeuxworld in early 2004. It met with considerable success, and there have been several contests since.

Anybody can enter the contest. Entrants have exactly 72 hours to make one game from scratch and submit it to the judges of the contest. These judges award each game a score out of ten, assessing gameplay, graphics, sound, and technical accuracy, and the winner is the entrant with the highest mean score. To prevent people cheating by starting the contest early, the games have to be built around a certain topic, which is chosen by the host and revealed at the start of the contest. There are a few other rules.

It's a lot of fun. The submissions usually vary greatly in quality. Some are funny, some are serious, some are meticulously arranged and tightly programmed, and others are loose and amusing rambles.

This year, the contest's host (and one of the judges) is me, MadTom. The other judge is Oof, a veteran of the older 24 Hours of ZZT contests. The third judge is Quantum P., an award winning ZZTer and Z2's head administrator.