About MadTom's Pick

In the aftermath of battles and bickering between judges and users over the state of Z2's Game of the Month award and the short-lived administrator career of zenryoku, in June 2002 it was decided by a majority staff vote that the award would be formally laid to rest. Benco and I were the only two staff members to object. I was taking things pretty seriously at the time, and in response set up my own award, MadTom's Pick, and reviewed the best new game of the month, Operation: GAMMA VELORUM, Part 1 by Quantum P., whom I was to later informally name my "successor" for my conceded admin position on Z2.

The site has had followers, such as Dr. Dos and dave2, but unfortunately never came close to achieving the status GotM had held, my ultimate aim. My aim was to review ZZT games in the vein of GotM with a standard formula, including screenshots to do the game justice. It was always rather inconsistently updated, partly due to my attempts to adjust to upheaval related to moving from New Zealand to Peru to Australia within a six-month period, and the difficulties of extramural study, but I got around to it in the end. I have, however, had the honour of reviewing some truly excellent games in this time. These reviews will stay up, but no more will be written for the site.

My reasons for closing the site included the time commitment, and the generally poor quality and frequency of games in the time leading up to the award's closure. Really, by the time I ended the award it had become something of a farce. I am optimistic with recent efforts to excite interest in the game again, the ZZTV project and the Weekend of ZZT. I hope you enjoy the archive; this redesign should make it much more permanent and pleasant to read.

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