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EDIT: Got it working thanks to a reply from C99koder on his twitter. All I had to do was patch DreamZZT.NDS with DLDI, which was very simple using information from that link (and files from a link within the article). If anyone else has a problem where DreamZZT DS loads, but then can't seem to find any files when you go to load them (...and if anyone besides me is still even trying to use DreamZZT DS in 2016-onward), that may fix it for you too.
However, my MicroSD card is pretty old (circa 2008), and C99koder suggested a newer card might prevent it from working altogether.

Below is my old question describing the (now-resolved) problem, for posterity.

Alright, I know this is like 9 years late, but I have an R4 and an original (non-lite, non-DSi, etc) DS. The one with the start button over the DPad. I've had my R4 so long (about 2008) I'm not entirely sure what the exact model of it is, but it says "v1.18" in the lower-left corner of the startup menu. (It still works fine with loads of things, like ScummVM, jEnesisDS, nesDS, msxDS, Lameboy, ApprenticeMinusDS, SnemulDS- such as it is, got some of the simpler SMWCentral games for it-, StellaDS, and soforth). The microSD card in the R4 is from around the same time, circa December 2008.

I've tried DreamZZT DS version 3.1.500 and 3.1.0, same story with both:

The menu loads fine, but when I scroll down and press "A" on "Start a ZZT Game", "Start a SuperZZT Game", or (just to try everything) "Restore a Saved Game", nothing happens, except that it moves the text scroll up to the top of the window. "Tutorial" yields a "Unable to load world" error. DreamZZT Online options seem to work initially, but I haven't really tried registering or logging in because I'm not terribly sure what I'd even be doing with the Online play. Credits work normally.

I've tried moving DreamZZT (both versions) to the root directory, or it's own folder, and games in the root directory or their own folder. Same results every time.

http://dev.c99.org/DreamZZT/ seems to be down, yielding a "WIKI_VIEW privileges are required to perform this operation on WikiStart" error. So no help there. And then there's this old thread: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2809&hilit=dreamzzt+ds (which is why I heard of this place and registered to ask about this. Briefly considered gravedigging and decided that'd probably be rude), where one of the last few posters seems to have the same problem... with no answer about it.

Could it possibly be an issue of having non-supported games (or too many ZZT games) in the folder? Some other software on the DS that can somehow interfere? Not enough space on the microSD card? (I've got like 4MB free, but I've had as much as 10 with the same problem...) I have no idea what else I can do to get this thing to work, but I'd really like to.

I've just tweeted the creator, C99koder, about it ( https://twitter.com/c99koder/with_replies ), though it's too early to know if there'll be a response. But does anybody here have any advice, suggestions, or information about this?

(on a completely unrelated an irrelevant note, if someone who knows about this kind of stuff is around, any experienced advice on how best to convert an MP4 or AVI into a DPG file that'll work on the DS, for playback in Moonshell? BatchDPG seems to produce non-working files, even with the K-Lite codec pack.)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:16 am 
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Thanks for updating your post. Glad it was resolved.


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playing trainman on dreamzzt ds was a dream come true. everything but the weird tomb board worked. it was a sight to marvel.

-i like elk

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