Questions about ZZTAE and KevEdit

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Zandor 12
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Questions about ZZTAE and KevEdit

Post by Zandor 12 »

Does it give you the option to listen to the music you're composing, kinda like how ZZTAE has that CTRL+Y command to play the music? If it does, then does the music play at the same speed as it does in ZZT? It's always bugged me how when I try to compose or transcribe music it sounds fine in the editor but when I listen to it in ZZT itself it's speed up. If KevEdit doesn't fix this, then does anybody have advice on how or how much to slow down my ZZTAE-composed music by so that it will sound 'normal' in ZZT proper?

Also, what's a better editor to use in general on my Vista laptop? I think it's 64-bit; DosBox got ZZT itself running decently but the sound and controls seemed to lag a little. And running ZZTAE on DosBox was pain incarnate, it was a LOT slower than it was on my old XP laptop. Would KevEdit have better DosBox compatibility? Wasn't there a Windows version or am I just imagining things? I have a half-finished song from way back that's been bugging me lately.

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Dr. Dos
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I know nothing about music. I do know control+T in kev-edit will play the music, keep in mind it ignores idles.

Kev-edit does have a windows version.

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