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I was browsing IRCMan! with craNKGod's brand new Threshold feature (Highly recommended, really improves the overall IRCMan! paradigm. It's what I think we were going for when crank and I first sit down together and fleshed out what we thought IRCMan! should be. Technology wasn't where we were now, so it's been on the backburner. Funny story, I was reading an article in Time about how a lot of old projects and innovations are coming out of the woodwork in these tough economic times because some people are actually taking more risks, and sure enough I was reading that article when crank called me up. I remember the phone call was really short, something like "Zam, it's crank, two of my big projects have been canned so I've been looking over this threshold stuff from back when we were first fleshing out everything, and it's completely possible now. I've already cracked..." something like that, anyway, he started trailing off he was excited and I wasn't listening anymore by then because I was just as excited, you know? Anyhow I hopped in my car and got to the office and by the next morning we had a fully functional Threshold feature on IRCMan!. I'd like to think it represents the final stage of our most successful product, and I certainly know that you'll enjoy it just as much as crank and I enjoyed making it.) and I found a good quote. Wanna know what it is?

Anyway, here's the quote: ... ay&id=2174 It's about ando

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Wow! Thanks, Zamros!

What's it do?

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Schrödinger's Cat wrote:
Quarbler wrote:The tone of my individual posts so far has been highly varied from halfway-apologetic to intentionally hilarious to dead serious yet still hilarious.
Ando, I'm not laughing.
Seconded. Nursing such a serious grudge for such a long time isn't healthy, man. Just let us be the obscure antisocial group of people at best tangentially related to ZZT that we are and move on with your life like Gingermuffins did instead of hanging around spewing bile and patting yourself on the back for your clever posts. This isn't like you, or if it is then I don't know you as well as I thought I did.

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hung over must suck

i guess my last post in this thread was wrong. he did not reply. oh well............................

let's put this behind us, shall we. let's lock down
he looked upon the world and saw it was still depraved :fvkk:

Overall: Rotton egg for breakfast