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PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2004 8:51 pm 
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WORD. So anyway despite the fact that no one cares, I'm going to post a description of all the forums FOR THE NEWER FOLKS. k thx ^-^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;sweatdrop;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

The Rules - PRETTY FORWARD. These are the current rules on the forums, general updates, things of that nature. Only Admins can post here.

Suggestions - Have a problem with the forums? Sucks to be you. But post your suggestion anyway and maybe we'll get to it.

Staff Forum - You can't see this, so don't worry about it. But it does exist! DON'T YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN ITS DEPTHS? Haha too bad.

ZZT General - Discussion about ZZT games, programming, contests. Ask people for ZZT related help here, or ZZT questions in general. You SHOULD NOT post about your works in progress, since we have a forum specifically for that.

ZZT Companies - Discussion of ZZT programming groups, KNOWN AS COMPANIES. Go figure.

ZZT Projects - Use this forum to brag about projects you're working on. PRETTY SIMPLE.

MegaZeux Discussion - Like ZZT general, but with MegaZeux. haha who am I kidding, no one uses this forum.

ZZT Clones and Editors - Talk about things like ZIG, ZZTAE, Kevedit, you know. Also this is the forum where you should post in when you decompile ZZT and get the source and then recompile it into the best editor ever zzt 5.0 represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off Topic - Discussion of anything that doesn't fit in the other forums. While there's no set topic, try to keep excessive retardidity to the #Rawr forum.

Music, Books and Movies - Talk about your favourite albums, or music in general. OR EVEN THE MUSIC YOU'VE CREATED (muero diario z-unit what what represent). I guess you can talk about books and movies too. i GUESS.

Videogames - XBOX IS HUEG!! Talk about gaming, whether it be oldschool or modern. Don't talk about ZZT though, because God knows we already have enough of that on a ZZT website =(

RAWR - This is the stupidest forum in history. RECENTLY opened, then closed, then opened again to the public! If you feel the need to be a complete moron, get it out here and leave the other forums alone.

The Picture Game - Sort of like word association, but with pictures. May not be suitable for minors.

The Awesome forum - Some of the best threads to ever grace Z2, locked and filed for your enjoyment.

Gayer than the Mayor - Like the awesome forum, except these threads weren't cool enough to go in the awesome forum.

!drugbash - Have the urge to drink 72 ounces of vodka and then post on Z2? WELL, PUT IT IN SOME RANDOM FORUM. When we're done laughing we'll lock it and move it to Alcoholics Anonymous.

OK DONE. :911:

Unannounced and moved due to being really out of date. - MadTom

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